Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you.

Without sufficient evidence, it was difficult to charge Dan with murder.

The fan doesn't work.

No sex was involved.


I'm supposed to pick Melinda up after work.


Yesterday we met with the Minister of Education.

I'm not qualified to do that.

The bio luminescence turned the sea an eerie glow.

You've got it all wrong.

Do you smell something burning?

You may need this.

That wasn't one of your better ideas.

Love is my true identity. Selflessness is my true self. Love is my true character. Love is my name.

I never liked him anyway.

I have to wake them up.

He acquainted himself with his job.


He is giving me a hard time.

Has John decided on a career yet?

Hirofumi just stood there.

I bet Brent didn't stay up all night worrying about this.

He lies as naturally as he breathes.


Students from Asia studying abroad speak English too, just as Japanese students do.

Kit might not know the answer.

What made you contact her?

We go there often.

People gratuitously making a fool out of themselves is a consequence of a pluralistic and permissive society.

Do you have a Kleenex?

We went halfway up the mountain.


These new techniques are not working with this equipment. Should we replace it with a new one?

Has Mat told you the name of his horse?

She didn't need to go to the meeting.

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Ed's mouth was taped shut with duct tape.

Sorrow filled his breast.

I hear you're very good at French.

Tobacco is an important part of North Carolina's economy.

You are right, after all.


Wash up.


Her sorrow found expression in silent tears.

Tommy motioned Giles to sit down.

Plastic may be the best person for the job.

We managed to get some foreign stamps.

Kory needs to make a decision.

You've already convinced me.

Maybe I missed something.


When we saw what was happening there, we decided to leave.

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Oh, just fill out this form.

He has to study hard.

I need to talk to you tonight.

He has taken over his father's business.

Open this door right now!

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Peggy added more wood to the fire.

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Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.


The separatists began to occupy the airport.

I'm beginning to feel a little tired.

This is a big dog.


I attached my CV and my PhD proposals.

I'm not sure that what I remember is what actually happened.

He caught her eye immediately.

From where is he?

He lured her with trinkets.


I need to know that Anderson is still alive.

I hope Jackye recovers quickly.

Craig and I are just friends.

My sister always chooses the bigger one.

We'll talk about the details later.

You may depend upon it that the story is exaggerated.

Allah is great!

Grab a seat.

Kriton's mother forced him to go outside even though he didn't want to.

The leaves look fresh in the rain.

We'll manage it.

She wants to buy a pony.

Hwa tried to impress Bucky by driving very fast on the Autobahn, but it didn't work.


Stevan stood behind Harris.

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The three big monotheistic religions are Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

I will never have a son.

Why are you sweating?


I'm sorry, but there's no other choice.


The scenery about here is very beautiful.

I just thought of something really interesting.

When do you go on vacation?

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You two don't trust each other, do you?

We'll talk to Edith then make a decision.

The surface gravity on Mars is more than a third of Earth's.


There's no film in this camera.

Eat me.

I was bitterly disappointed.

Why do people hang sneakers from power lines?

This is the taste of victory.

Call the cops.

I should have gone to bed earlier last night.

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Harry wanted it.

The problem will resolve itself eventually.

I didn't go on account of illness.

He was court-martialed for dereliction of duty.

The street is empty.

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Dewey is singing a beautiful song.

I saw Kate leave the auditorium.

I nearly wet myself when I saw the scene with them.

There is every promise of success.

Socorrito did what he promised to do.

The soup is not cool.

Tommy promised to show me how to do it.


Honesty is a virtue.


The police are closing in on Philippe.

The food at the new restaurant is nothing special - average at best.

I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

I don't know how to dance.

I'd feel better if you weren't going there alone.

I don't think I can do anything like that.

I've said this before.

I have to help Jacques and Floyd move a piano.

Nothing can spoil the fun.

She looked at me in a deliberate way and left the meeting room.

It's a simple job.


I sent you some flowers.


I know what I have to do.

It cost a lot more than I thought it would.

Always keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed.

The didn't appear to recognize William.

Something has happened to them.

The asteroid will arrive first-class at 10.45 a.m.

It's not like Jagath to be so late.

You cannot burn anything without oxygen.

That's quite a shiner.


We can't help it.

You said that to me last week.

Sanford was the victim of an advance-fee fraud.

I need someone to believe me.

Brandy ignored Novorolsky.


Solar power is environmentally friendly.

I hope Kirk's not too mad at me.

I'm very glad about that.


Write your name on this sheet of paper.

I was really quite stiff.

Roland is heating up a burrito in the microwave.

The newspaper hasn't published our article yet.

The new server should have much better performance.

She worked as a cocktail waitress in a casino.

I have a splinter in the palm of my hand.

Angus gives us what we want.

I am going to see the doctor this afternoon.

How did all this come about?

Marco is a fierce competitor.


A car went by.

Mechael and I aren't enemies, but we're not friends, either.

You can stop now.


Please inform me of any change in his condition.

We can't allow Lorenzo to continue behaving that way.

Some people are nice, and some are mean.

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I feel at ease.


Violets and lavenders do not need much sunlight; they grow better in the shade.

Sonja didn't want get caught.

I got word that Charleen wants to divorce him.


I'm buying bread.

I can not agree with you as regards that.

Our weight-loss pills will allow you guilt-free indulgences at your favorite all-you-can-eat buffet.

I sure don't want to go.

What do you say we head over to Emmett's house?


I prefer to spend time with friends.

You have very good tastes.

Are you accusing me of being a liar?

I heard that a woman stabbed a man for eating her lunch.

You can't tell him what to do.