He's a weirdo.

Why are you disliked here?

I'll get you some brandy.

I have a dentist appointment on Monday.

The restaurant is a pleasant out-of-the-way spot in New York.

Leo is just stalling.

Have we seen the last of Heather?

Jeff asked Louiqa to marry him soon after they'd met.

Carter was the lead suspect.

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I also found this.


How's my dad doing?


Trevor thinks I'm crazy.

The only carrot in the kitchen became the nose of the snowman we've built.

The only language Dewey knows how to speak is French.

I don't work that much!

I know that it is highly unlikely that we'll see any whales today.

Have you ever seen the person in this photo?

My brother insisted on going there alone.

Your concern touches me.

I'm afraid I took the wrong train.

You're the perfect boyfriend.

Whenever you're in trouble or feeling down, I'll be there for you.

I didn't have a good time last night.

Valeria sat opposite Mongo.

Miles tells me that you're leaving.

I love the competition.


Maybe Indra could sing at your wedding.

I wish I wouldn't have to meet you again.

I asked Betty to let the dog out.

There's no damage.

I'm the one who wrote Nicholas's speech.

We're not eating.

Many peoples are using Russian swears in their speech.


I don't think you should tell Panzer the truth.

I didn't come here for a drink.

I miss it.


Meet the twisted reality!


They've lost the key to the drawer.

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Bet he's read neither.

Clarence agreed to help Sandy.

I couldn't think of anything I'd enjoy more.

Three patients died last night.

Do you know how to differentiate between poison ivy and poison oak plants?

The room was as still as the grave.

As long as you are with him, you can't be happy.

There is nobody about.

He plays tennis three times a week.

It will cost you 10 dollars to buy the CD.

Heinrich is my favorite.


We've got to get Valeria out of there.

A lot of houses were washed away by the flood.

I have to try doing that at least once.


Am I pronouncing this correctly?

You should try one of these.

It was impossible to come up with a really satisfactory solution.


I'm sorry Mother.


I couldn't go because of the heavy rain.

We're trying to do the right thing.

Cathrin doesn't like punk rock.

We have three spare rooms, none of which can be used.

The letter you wrote must be corrected and transcribed, even if you already rewrote it many times.


Why don't you want me to dry it?

Stephan got a job as assistant manager.

I never learned to swim.

Mt. Fuji is about four times as high as Mt. Rokko.

His hair has turned grey.

I still couldn't format my hard disk.

If you trespass on his property, he'll sic his dogs on you.

You're blowing it.

From our monthly revenue, we should deduct the costs of food, rent, clothing, transportation etc.

If only I could help you.

I know Spyros is involved.

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Nancy and Jane had to go back home at five thirty.

Brandy's got nothing to lose.

The bear would have liked to have eaten the apple.


Is eating potatoes fattening?


I assume you'll want to stay here with us.

Spring is followed by summer.

He took off his coat.

I can't necessarily agree with you on that point.

It must've been them.

She's had a hard life.

He was looking for this very thing.


Waiting is just a waste of time.


My watch may be advanced by one or two minutes.

Jochen lives in a small town on the outskirts of Boston.

Small family farms were disappearing.

Manny won't be able to handle this alone.

Erick was supposed to be our lawyer.


My locker partner has made our locker very messy.

His son-in-law completely recovered from his illness.

Add a dozen eggs to the list.


She called him back to give him something he had left behind.

I failed to move it for it was very heavy.

Pamela is cool, isn't he?

Jeffie looked at the menu.

Ben donated his entire fortune to charity.

Let's sing together.

At the dance, everyone raved about my gown.

I just wanted us to be together.

I'm so tired!


As long as it doesn't snow!

I thought it was strange that No wasn't at Johnnie's party.

The shopping center is one mile ahead.

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That's really cool.

She may be in very serious danger.

Thousands of supporting cries could be heard from the stands.


This always makes me chuckle.

I can peel an apple.

The last time I spoke to Saul was last Monday.

I heard Lou was killed.

We played cards to kill time.

You always have a plan.

I was no match for Lea.

Christian was married to Gerald for three years.

These things aren't needed.

Go on ahead and tell the others we're coming.

Scotch brand is a type of adhesive tape.


They set fire to houses and farm buildings.

This dog is almost human.

I've had the same problem myself.

You were asleep at your post.

Beckie promised to clean the living room.

They won the silver medal.

I carelessly gave my email address to a stranger.

Toufic stayed at a cheap hotel when he visited Boston.

I'm not placing you under arrest.

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I'll do whatever I can to help you.

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I poured more sauce on my pasta.

He asked our pardon for making a mistake.

But that would be extremely strained and suspicious as in fifteen years of service Gregor had never once yet been ill.


The prosecution could not prove which of the twins had committed the crime.

She calculated that she had earned 1,500 dollars.

That too may help.


Look at the cloud over there.

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That's how we do things.

Samir doesn't know Jared's address.

May I go with you?

I'll get my bag out of the car.

How many people have died?

What do you most enjoy about Esperanto?

It was just a feeling.

Can I bring Mitchell?

Clench your teeth together, please.

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I want to change the world.

This room is cramped.

It was very interesting talking to you.

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What did you call me in here for?

For the contiguous 48 states, 7 of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1998.

In spite of the heavy traffic, I managed to get to the airport in time.

You should keep this machine clean and lubed.

Sure, it might be traumatic, but so what?

Bjorne picked Winnie up and put her in her highchair.

Jim drove his car, whistling merrily.

Jussi weirds me out sometimes.

I know you don't like being kissed.

You must not read while eating.

If it had not been for his error, we would have won.

You didn't hear anything... In fact you weren't even here. Okay?

Toft sewed the button back on.

I've lost track of them.

You can read anything you want.


What Wendell did made me angry.


This is my first time speaking German with a German person.

The butter is made from cows' milk.

The money was all there. Nobody touched it.