I should be happy for Dimitry.

Celia was late at the station.

I went to Harvard.

Please call me at any time.


My hobby is collecting watches.

Take this gentleman to my office.

They greeted me with a smile.

The other day, something horrible happened in the busy square.

The two birds built a nest without a building permit.


There is no knowing which team will win.


I need to see Ann right now.


Tell her to get ready.

Marla's cellphone rang and he answered it.

Tell me why you didn't ask us.

Catherine looked through the peephole before opening the door.

He said each meeting should begin with a prayer.

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I saw the man enter the room.


Taro was in a hurry and left his wallet behind.


I just got kicked out of school.

At least I'll never have that problem again.

She came out of the shower naked.


I, too, didn't understand anything.

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In our fight against drug abuse we shall be committing a serious mistake if we begin to admit that it is a 'lost war' and that, for hypocritically economically-based questions, it is not worthwhile investing enough money to deal with the size of this scourge.

That's a different story.

Those jeans are really cute.

I don't like such sports as tennis and golf.

This man is happy.

Mann put the bowl of popcorn on the table.

In 1986, the Soviet Union launched the Space Station Mir. During its 15 year lifetime, it was the largest space station to orbit the Earth.

"Who's this man?" "That's not a man. It's a robot I thought up!"

I would just like to thank all of you for your work.

Does milk spoil quickly?

Popcorn is very inexpensive when compared to many other snack foods. It's also usually healthier.

Randy is staying up late this week to prepare for her finals.

Destiny is not a fool, it will not make people meet for nothing ...

"Se la tirano" can be hard to translate.

You may not be right.

But whomsoever the state appoints, him we should obey.

Hunger makes anything taste good.

Taxi fares will go up next month.

He is very clever and is not proud either.

I knew Joseph would do that.

I owe what I am today to my uncle.


You had better give up smoking for your health.

There are many singers in this singing festival.

Do you have another one for me?

A missed opportunity never comes again.

It's freezing in this room, Cindy. I can't put up with this cold.

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Sanjay is giving Judge another chance.

Yoga is becoming more and more popular every year.

I had some problems dealing with Monty.

There sure are a lot of mosquitoes in this room.

Rachel was buried two days later.

Dad, what is the difference between the mafia and the government?

We understand golf.

Let's ditch these people and go home.

The sun rose over the horizon.

You can buy and read any kind of book at any time.

Two men began to fight on the street at night.

Jane is looking for something.

That probably wouldn't be too hard to do.

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Pradeep's hurt.


Do you know how to get there by public transportation?

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Spencer is teaching English.


Please take me to her.

Darrell probably wanted to go out and play.

I want to go back to my desk.

I learned it by heart.

Joubert is passed out.

I need you there with me.

I am not from India.

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That is what they study English for.

Don't call him the criminal.

Klaus is assembling a machine.

I happened to be right.

Nicolette is going to be missed.


The express train from Paris arrives at ten o'clock.

It's just money.

I'm in a pretty pickle.

He's got a point.

Noemi put everything back into the bag.

What can I do to help you?

Just leave us alone.

There are many products imported from Poland to Turkey.

This was Rodica's fifth book.


We can't live even one more day without water.

My father doesn't allow me to go to the movies alone.

I also feel more at ease when my wife is not around.

I was a little kid once too.

He's always on time.

I already told them that.

Shakespeare knew only a little Latin, but he put the little he knew to very good use.

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When my brother was young, I often used to take him to the park.

Papa made sure all the lights were turned off before going to bed.

I'll be in the kitchen.

Would you like to go for a walk with me along the shore?

I wasn't aware that Kusum was sick.

Ralf spoke softly.

The media are more concerned with profits than the public good.


I don't see them anymore.

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I believe the medium size will fit you better.

It's wonderful to be back.

He likes all vegetables except cabbage.

I'll see to it that Hazel does his homework.

The cardinal directions are: north, south, east, and west.

The riot was completely out of control.

They were thrashed.

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Randell eventually calmed down.

Christofer heard Joseph yelling.

What's wrong with my jokes?


She runs a franchise of a popular restaurant chain.

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Celia is off duty today.

She lives in an apartment above us.

How weird is that?

You might want to talk to her.

Either you or I am in the wrong.

This is everyone's problem.

Everything is different now.

Didn't you meet her there?

You went too far in your joke.

She drank a cup of milk.

Agony in the era of machinery is not attributed to machinery itself.


Memories came flooding back when Hillel found some photos from his childhood in an old box in the attic.

He wants to be a tennis player.

What could I have done better?


I can't read your handwriting.

Before the Internet, friends and lovers had to correspond.

Go and tell him.

Jed works as a cattle feeder, but he has designs on the whole ranch.

Lana wasn't sure what to do.

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I'd say it's gonna rain tomorrow.

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You can change them if you like.

Do cats dream?

She caught my eye.

It could be a big problem.

Don't rush on my account.

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The police suspected that Julius was a drug dealer.

Why doesn't something happen?

Tim is being bullied by Erick.

Don't judge me.

Are you afraid of her?

Greece has a great history.

I've been calling for hours.

Mark's foolery is already making Rosa sick.

I should have stayed out of it.

That makes a good deal of sense.

We'll have to put a stop to this.


E-cigarettes are being promoted as a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but health authorities are concerned about the long-term health effects on users.

I'm not taking my eyes off you.

Here are the decisions we've come to.

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There is a mistake in her composition.

Allan's tone was a bit aggressive.

That is why all the students in the class agreed with him.


He has a lot to do.


The Old Prussian language revival began in the early 80's.

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I had a feeling this might happen.

She called me up, as I had expected.

It doesn't matter who, just ask somebody.

We are different ages. He is older than me.

It's on the way.


He has just over thirty years.

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Could you repeat that?

He was very nervous.

If Spenser doesn't keep adding and translating sentences, the other contributors will surely surpass him.