I never knew him.

The New York Stock Exchange closed for ten days.

Susan limps slightly.

If I cared about all your criticism, I wouldn't be where I am.


She hung the washing on the line.

I swim in the sea every day.

What's our goal?


Lloyd needs a cup of sugar.

As a result, he gets something which technically is correct, but in its essence is just a mockery.

No sooner had Page turned on the TV than the fuse blew.

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Jem has trouble thinking on his feet.

The goods were seized by customs.

The archeologists found the bones of an ancient dragon.

"Claudio, you look kind of green." "Do I?" "Is something wrong?" "There's nothing wrong."

Sanand can eat just about anything.

I just wanted to remind you to pick Nate up after school.

I don't know anybody called Nora.

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I suggested that the plan be postponed.

We look up to him because of his politeness.

You look at that tree.

The train was delayed for one hour on account of the typhoon.

Mrs. Smith gave birth to her second child.

We didn't play well.

You won't regret that, I'm pretty sure.


I wish I had a son like that.

Todd is very untrustworthy.

I already gave it to Roland.


Lin's bedroom door was closed.


Marilyn takes a walk with Uri and her dog every day.

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Inertia is an important governing law.

I saw him first.

Have you ever brushed your teeth?

Everybody knows you're more intelligent than she is.

How much money do you owe us?

An image is worth a thousand words.

There are whole cultures where understatement is bred in the bone. In New England one hears as satisfaction: "It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick."

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I'm coming home.

You and I both know that's not true.

Mr. Smith sued them for damages.

See you at home.

I didn't want to rush into anything.

Once we are airborne, you make unbuckle your seatbelts.

Linda's eyes sparkled like diamonds.

My husband and I are going on Sunday to see the ballet, Carmen, performed by the National Ballet Company at the Four Seasons Centre.

The time is approaching when we must leave.

Where are we going to go?

Don't you miss your father?

Istanbul is the city she likes the most.

Never again would she want to live there.

This costs 10 forints.

Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

Give credit where credit is due.

We watch TV together almost every evening.

All I want is what's mine.

Eugene watched Todd throwing rocks into the water.


There's blood on this knife.

He was impatient to see his daughter.

I know as little as you do.

I know that you and Claude snuck away from school yesterday.

Jess is as tall as Jack.

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His brother went to the station to see him off.


Hal has two cats. One is white and the other is black.

These pipes screw together.

They want me to go in.


I suspect something is up.

I'm not determined enough to confess my feelings to her.

She wouldn't give him a gift.

My younger brother named his cat Hanako.

I'm going with them.

Reason is the only thing that makes us human.

He applied for a position in the office.

I'd like to start with a song that I wrote.

Workers put up with silly rules for a long time.

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In India, there are lots of rural areas around big towns.

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Joe is in excellent health.

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.

Pass me the sugar, please.

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I'm going to go hide.

Let me know if you can make it tomorrow.

The river flows into the Sea of Japan.

Nor can I.

Can you dance to this song?


I need to open this door.

Maybe one day you could show me how it's done.

What did you eat in the afternoon?

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There is no Truth. There is only the truth within each moment.

If you want me to, I'll do that for you.

The earth is far bigger than the moon.

The president is fully aware of the situation.

She's usually a lot nicer than this.


You mean it, don't you?


What do you call llamas in flames? Llamas in flames call llamas in flames "llamas in flames."

I'll get there.

They have a king-sized bed.


Old was silly.

Sundar went to Boston a year ago.

I told her the truth.

My favorite beverage is without a doubt seltzer.

I looked for my cup, but didn't find it.

The driver of the bus was injured.

Can I use a netbook while standing in a crowded train?

This idea is actually pretty good.

All are happy.

Our girlfriend traveled to a small town last week.

I wondered where Hartmann went.

The phrase "collateral damage" dehumanizes the very people whose freedom NATO claims to be fighting for.

I knew we should've tried to help Juliet.

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This is my Japanese friend.


They've already cleaned up the mess.


Mott got up and went to the window.

I informed Mysore that I wouldn't be attending the meeting.

She is none the less beautiful for her faults.

She saved money.

Let's just go inside.

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Do you have an iron I can borrow?


Marcia is clearly in trouble.

I don't want to see your face ever again.

They are going to exhibit many famous old paintings at the gallery.

I came; I saw; I conquered.

Do you plant pumpkins?

He did warn Sue.

Where did you hide my cigarettes?

That's an old Japanese custom.

I saw Edward swim across the river.

Hillel gulped down a tall glass of orange juice.

She misled you.

Malus has the keys.

I hope you're well paid.

She gave him the elbow yesterday.

Even if you boss attacks you and tells you to go away, you should make your point.

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Is there a lot of flowers in this garden?

Curtis thinks the answer is no.

Gambling brought about his failure.


Is this what Matthieu wants?

Those who call other people idiots aren't far from them themselves.

Jesus drove the money-changers out of the temple.

She's so huge!

Enjoy yourself to the fullest.

You and I need to be friends.

Ritchey is running out of time.

Is it all there?

I don't know him at all.

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Are you saving this seat for someone?

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Gregge has been crying almost every day.

She was late at her wedding.

She became a nurse.

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I've never spoken with Gregor in French.


This is just a temporary break up.

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It's naive of you to believe that.


They didn't choose me.

How much is the handling charge?

I wanted to be him.


I'm not a fan of Kim Kardashian.

I'll alert him.

I'm very successful.

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I'd like to book three seats.

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Unfortunately he has already left.

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I want them here.

Alexis's a real expert.

Japan depends on foreign countries for oil.


The sun is blinding.