If he had failed the exam, what would he have done?

I'm very glad that I did that.

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Much better alone than with fools.


We'll ask him.

I don't have time to finish my homework.

Don't cry trouble half-way.


The ceiling fan is on.

Jealousy made him do that.

Novo plans on being here next weekend.

They can not meet without quarreling with each other.

She may be proud of her daughter.

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Loren and Briggs spend a lot of money on their son.

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Give me a few minutes.

Salt is used to melt snow.

We've seen worse.


Bill's father was a traveling salesman.


The water feels really warm.

Every successful writer has a drawer full of rejection letters.

I know where Bobby will go next.

This isn't news to anyone.

You're very upset.

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There being no taxis, I had to walk.


What do you suppose happened there?


Tell her I'm on my way over.


Honzo also has plans to go there.

Careful preparations ensure success.

Men who are dandies and women who are darlings rule the world, at least they should do so.

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As a married man, he must think of the future.

He's a labourer on a riverboat.

Len has no school spirit.

You should do what Will says.

I expect a detailed report.

His wife leads him by the nose.

I'm waiting for him.

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Don't talk about people behind their backs.

Devon said he'd never tried water skiing.

I'd like to get some sleep.


Having a universal auxiliary language is something worth fighting for. Likely, however, most Esperantists tend towards pacifism.

Her theory is based on facts.

Todd would like to visit us tomorrow.

I think we should leave now.

The ham arrived.

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They've been late every day.

"USSR" stands for "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics".

I could hardly hear what Audrey was saying.


The longest night will have an end.

I walked across the street.

Josip will paint the fence tomorrow.

I helped Jacobson fill out the application form.

I just spoke with the police.


The boy attempted an escape, but failed.

To be able to explore and work in space, humans have to take their environment with them because there is no atmosphere to supply the pressure and oxygen necessary to support life.

The trees were covered with snow.

Can you make yourselves understood in French?

He will forever be in our hearts.

I can recall nothing worse.

I have to take a leak.

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It took a while for Ruth to respond.

One notices readily, Ethel, that French blood courses in your veins.

I have enjoyed myself very much.

Come on back here.

He wasn't perhaps playing a practical joke on us.

Please, can you indicate this to me on the map?

He's coming along nicely with his studies.


I am afraid none of you are capable of doing the job. We will be taking our business elsewhere.

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Would you shut the gate for me?

Ric left the water running all night.

You may smoke in that room, but you mustn't smoke in this room.


Ramsey loves to party.

I got up early enough to catch the first train.

This is as good place to pitch our tent as any.

I hope you don't get an upset stomach.

No one had ever thought of selling ice before.

It's enormous!

Rakhal just got back home.


Mr. Ford is what is called a self-made man.

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Lar is quite beautiful.

They came home.

Do you know the difference between twill and corduroy?

Could you speak to them?

He could not come on account of illness.


Can all birds fly?

Take a chance! All life is a chance.

He that is giddy thinks the world turns round.

Jiri and I are going out for a drink.

She sheared a ewe.

Send him to me!

Keep him away from me.

Dan isn't even on the team.

It was agreed to.

Pontus is buying some flowers for Mario.

Venkata guided us through the woods.

We drank beer.

It was me that paid the bill.


I bet the teacher's going to get mad!

You should phone Ning as soon as you can.

You just need to reset the breaker. Hurry up!


Do you have another one?

Did you manage to sleep?

Saqib broke off his engagement to Mark.

We are responsible in front of the law.

She gave me a large room while I stayed at her house.

Trey laughed when Mott said that.

I knew we forgot something.

We have until October to complete our plan.

Who lives in this house?

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Are you able to grant us a special discount of 5% for 50 sets of the product?

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Del didn't get a driver's license until he was thirty.

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I think we've done a pretty good job so far.

Pilar's a real night owl, and often does his best writing after midnight.

It'll be impossible to get a visa on short notice.

I don't have to do that.

Thanks for the milk.

There weren't many passengers on the bus.

You ought not to treat him like that.

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Can you excuse me?

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It happens more often than you would think.


Julianto is very good at his job.

There is a huge arch over the road.

You didn't give us a chance.

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I cannot show my teeth. They are in a bad state.

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One ticket costs five hundred yen.

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Ritchey can't afford to be choosy.

It just broke.

Maths was Murthy's weakest subject at school, but this didn't stop him getting a job as a financial adviser.


I've eaten almost nothing.

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I checked the time on the clock.

I never knew I had to do that.

I put toothpaste on my toothbrush and brush my teeth.


Jason has no common sense.

If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet.

Note the function of the background layers of these graphic designs.

Ima didn't respect the rules.

They arrested her.


I could hear the voices of several other guests who had arrived and were already eating together in the main dinning room.

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I need someone who I can feel safe with.

Giles, why are you doing this?

She doesn't like soccer.

He is not really a friend, just an acquaintance.

Do you like these songs?

They have people conveniently idiotizited.

There is a nice park in the center of the town.

Did anybody follow you?

Due to heavy load on the server, connections may be temporarily blocked from locations that fetch an unusually high number of pages.

I proved her wrong.

It took a little over an hour to finish doing my homework.


He spoke, and all were silent.


That's all there was to it.


The parents want to give their son the best education.

I promise you I'll stay with you until your father arrives.

Her dress has an understated charm.


In my childhood, I believed in Santa Claus.


How do you and Hirofumi know each other?

There was something moving in the distance.

I've asked him three times to take out the trash and he still hasn't done it!