Share your lunch with your brother.

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Excuse me, ladies!

People said that he is insane.

Spend money and enjoy life!

There's no need for that kind of behavior.

"Don't leave me!" "It's too late, Randell."

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Do you want to come over and watch a movie or something?

He would rather go by train than by plane.

You promised not to be rude to me any more.

The enemy is becoming more and more powerful.

The doctor has ordered the patient to abstain from wine.

I like to card wool.

Let f be the canonical map.


The half life of actinium-224 is 2.7 hours.

It won't be a problem.

I was busy with work for the term exam.

There are large houses along the street.

How do you feel about me?

Don't tell him I'm here.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Kemal died at the age of ninety-nine.

Give me a chance to prove it to you.

The temperature in different places can vary greatly at the same time of year.

I met somebody online.


Thanks so much for dinner.


I love her sister very much.

I'm getting a bad feeling here.

Fishing is prohibited here.


Surya married a Canadian.

I've finished eating.

I am shorter than he.


Dory gave me another chance.


I hope we have enough time.

A lot of people drink coffee black with sugar.

The drug addict had to undergo rehabilitation.

They looked on this success as most important.

He was tortured and murdered.


The scientific adviser doesn't share his student's optimism.

Whatever you do, don't let go of the rope.

I'm not afraid of facing pressure. When problems arise, I will quickly think of ways to find the solutions.

We have a right to work here.

Estonia's population is about 1.3 million people.

How many push-ups do you do every day?

You'd better go by bus.

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Cuzco lies about 3,500 meters above sea level, and you can still see many Incas there.

Thirteen homes have been destroyed.

Have you ever had dinner with your family?

Lanny did as instructed.

Devon has already told me how he feels.


Let's take a closer look at this.


They say that he hates to study.


I like the Tatoeba logo.

She didn't like him at first.

Who can field this question?

Everything's going to be just fine.

I'd like a soda.


The train was overturned.

Marie's eyes glinted with excitement.

That's why we moved back to Boston.

I saw that Radek was smiling.

You should avail yourself of every opportunity to learn.


Luis had a life insurance policy worth three hundred thousand dollars.

No one's going to find me.

Heat waves have become more frequent and intense, especially in the West.

A large bathroom with natural daylight belongs to this apartment.

No one has time for that.

Miltos refused to answer the question.

If it's not from Scotland and it hasn't been aged at least twelve years, then it isn't whisky.

Goodbye, Sayoko.

This work demands specific abilities.

Each individual dog has a different character.

Can I ask what you think may have happened?

Sabrina, frightened, stretched out her arms to hold me.

Don't harass her.


My ears are going to freeze if I don't go in.

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Did you receive my message?

She bought a book at the shop.

The Doctor never dreamed of inquiring whether his children, or either of them, helped in any way to make the scheme a serious one. But then he was a Philosopher.

I advised him to start earlier.

Where does that Denis person live?

I find that very interesting.

This shouldn't be a big deal.


One hour until the event.

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Let's sing a patriotic air.

It took three hours to do that.

Where does Marika live now?

They don't even know why.

I don't want another drink.


The last few days have been very busy for both of us.

I only have a second.

Both songs were big hits.

Nathaniel threw a rotten egg at Luke.

Who is that gentleman to whom he is speaking?

That should tell you something.

The teacher's talk stimulates Andries to study harder.

Randal just wants to show off.

Who would want them dead?

Do you really need to go buy stuff for the party right now?

Eileen said he didn't want to think about it.

He tried hard, but failed.

This letter purports to be his resignation.

It was close to 2:30 by the time Kenn reached Noemi's house.

The government acted boldly to deal with the outlaw uprising.

Monica got time and a half when he worked beyond his usual quitting time.

Go and get the boss!

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Let's get rid of that one.

Am I understood?

The ocean is dirty.


She advised him to catch the first train in the morning.

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Mrs. Smith is actively engaged in volunteer work.

Ramanan wanted me to give you this envelope.

"Whose glasses are these?" "They are my father's."

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I don't want to be rich.

Gregory certainly didn't expect to inherit the house from his uncle.

Walter was overconfident.

The process has already begun.

Because of the problem of air pollution, the bicycle may some day replace the automobile.

Can you really predict the future?

My train left at six and arrived at ten.

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He seized me by the neck.

This cook cooks different meals every day.

Nicolas means that romanization of the Cyrillic alphabet is as beautiful as the sun, which burns your eyes when you look at it.

Take a map with you in case you get lost.

The meat tastes bad.

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He often reads far into the night.

I'll meet you there in an hour.

Bernie lived alone in the woods.

Why didn't you tell me first?

I don't know what I'm going to do yet.

I didn't mind doing that at all.

The girl looked at him once more, and then she blushed as if a flame had gone up her cheeks.

Tofu goes well with good sake.

How did you celebrate your birthday?

You have to stop her.

Skip practices every single day.


Aren't you supposed to be at school today?


Would you like some more salad?


A big ship is anchored near here.

They brought this on themselves.

This machine was out of order for a while.


Marika wanted me to learn Finnish.

It would be sad if that happened again.

We probably won't have much snow this winter.


I'm waiting for you in my room.

I have a bad temper.

I think what Takao is doing is amazing.

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Foreign languages can be hard to learn.

Darryl accidentally cut himself while peeling an apple.

Malcolm will never be able to do that without our help.

Mariou is the same age as Ernie is.

She stared at him with hatred.

Can you play the piano?

He started his job in his early forties.

This decision was hard.

Some students like English, and others like physics.

She was a bit late.

You worry too much about Casper.

Get me the scissors, please.

Manny has bad eyes.

I went fishing with my brother in the river.

I didn't ask you on a date.

I'm not sure what's wrong. We should have heard from Roy by now.

Intruder alert, red spy's in base!

He speaks English as well as though he were an Englishman.

I want to take another look around.

The pilot controls the engine power using the throttle.

Material conditions are extremely important.